Day 3: Heather Morris’ Dance and Martial Arts Workout

AKA: Look at me, I’m Sandra Lee, lousy with original holiday tips…

AKA: Be careful what you wish for…

AKA: Thpost with a Glee rant

I’m kind of liking this alternate title naming, so I’ll try to keep with it.

So, today’s workout is brought to us by…one of the stars of Glee, Heather Morris. Now, those of you that know me know that I don’t like Glee very much. This comes as a surprise to many people, since I’m such a musical theater geek, but I think that’s probably why I don’t like it. I will admit that the singing is good (from the songs I’ve heard), and I commend them for casting established actors and actresses that could actually sing, like Lea Michele (who was in Spring Awakening prior to Glee) and Darren Cris of the lovely Very Potter Musical. And I do think that it’s a better vehicle for getting kids into musical theater, then, say, High School Musical. For a lot of kids, it’s also probably legitimized the singing and performing they do do and make it cool to participate in choir, and it’s definitely mainstreamed being gay on TV.

But I simply CANNOT respect a show that:

– Does a TERRIBLE version of The Rocky Horror Show for an episode.

– HAS A GUY SING “ROSE’S TURN”. This one probably enraged me the most. Apart from the fact that Mama Rose is a role that high schoolers shouldn’t even TOUCH for another 10 years at the bare MINIMUM…’re deciding to give one of the most ICONIC and DIFFICULT woman’s musical theater songs to a guy. Guys have “Soliloquy”, they have “Gethsemane”, they have roles like Sweeney Todd and Judas and all that…let the girls have Mama Rose, Mrs. Lovett, Cunegonde, etc. And yes, I KNOW the lyrics were changed to suit the situation. And the guy who sang it (Kurt, I believe, but it doesn’t really matter) did do a good job. But, bottom line, you don’t give that song to a guy, even if you changed the lyrics. I’m fine (if a little skeptical) about a role like Frank n’Furter going to a girl (like Glee did in the Rocky Horror episode) because the show itself would embrace that, but Gypsy is not a show about gender bending. Even though the episode wasn’t about their high school doing Gypsy (thank God), I still don’t think that you should give that song to a guy on principle. BU did a whole “gender bending musical revue” thing a couple years back, and I think that might be a good occasion for it if a guy had this burning desire to sing “Rose’s Turn”, but not within a TV show.

….then again, I’m assuming Sondheim gave his consent to its use in the show and the lyric changes, so what should I know.

– From what I’ve seen, for all the “breaking boundaries” the show does, they tend to do so in…pretty conventional ways. I’m not going to talk about it too much since I haven’t watched every episode, but it would be kind of cool to have the main gay couple be a lesbian couple, for instance, or, you know, having Asian characters that don’t have the same (typical) last name (and aren’t related).


Anyway, the workout. Right, this is a workout blog.

This workout comes to us from Fitness magazine that was pinned on Pinterest. Here’s the link!

This workout was a LOT harder than any of the other ones I’ve tried so far (probably punishing me for picking an easy one yesterday). The moves really got me sweating. I liked that there were videos provided for most of the moves, but at times this even confused things more. I still don’t really know how to do the first 2 moves in the workout, despite the videos provided.

Another annoying part of the videos was that they all included ads by Sandra Lee beforehand. She was providing holiday tips from Kmart! The funny thing was that these holiday tips weren’t very innovative. The main one was “hey, if you have to turn an adult party into a kid party, exchange the margaritas for cute plastic glasses with stuffed animals in them!”


But to get back to the workout (I’m digressing a lot today….) the moves were pretty hard. The hardest moves were probably the Karate Girl and the Playing Mantis. I didn’t like that the “Jumping Jenga” move….involved no actual jumping. That was pretty deceiving, because I kept looking for jumping in the video and getting distracted.

On difficulty, this workout gets a


It genuinely got me sweating, but I could still complete the workout fine.

On enjoyment, this workout gets a


Because I did like that it got me sweating and that I FELT like I worked out, but the instructions were unclear at times.

Here, have a GOOD performance of “Rose’s Turn”:




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